Website Development

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American Technologies is a full-service company that’s passionate about designing and developing engaging web and interactive experiences for the sole purpose of "branding". Whether it’s a corporate, blog, or ecommerce website, mobile app or microsite, we employ our full arsenal of capabilities and experience to deliver a memorable experience that will get you "call-to-action" results. We deliver superior results through superior user experience (UX). This starts with an understanding of your user, their goals, triggers and desired outcomes. These user personas in combination with our UX Lifecycle ensure powerful, relevant and beneficial experiences that differentiate and grow your brand.

The Strategy  

We start by collaborating with you, learning about your objectives, your brand and the details of your business. We hit the books, research competition, target audience, use market data and our experience to create a clear strategy to accomplish your goals. 

Creative Development  

Our team follows the outlined strategy and UX models to develop creative concepts that integrate your brand’s messaging and value. We employ our extensive development capabilities to ensure an engaging and positive digital experience that differentiates and delivers superior quantifiable results. 

Content Development

Often enough you may be ready for a website but may not quite have the necessary content to fill all of your pages, this may cause a delay for you in getting started. There is no better time to start the process than now. American Technologies has a program for Content Development, this program is where we consult with you, get your mission, vision, products, and services to one of our writers and we assist in the content development process. This service can also be applied to your existing website.

Testing & Launch  

Your project is thoroughly tested on a variety of browsers, operating systems and digital touch points to ensure seamless performance across desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, digital signage and touchscreens. And, when your project is ready to launch, we employ enterprise class hosting, content delivery and security to ensure success. 

Inbound Marketing  

From search engine optimization and social media to email and rich content our inbound marketing solutions drive visibility, interest and new business through thoughtful and relevant content, tools and dialogue across a variety of platforms and devices. 

Measure & Optimize  

The continuous collection of key metrics and analysis against your goals and objectives enables our team to optimize each solution and maximize 
In conclusion American Technologies is the absolute and proven best at Website Development and Design. We have been in the technology business for close to two decades from making computer systems to where we are today. We have great capacity in using the tools of this trade creatively to produce the stunning results we are so commonly know for. 
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