Brand Development

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The American Technologies team is passionate about design and it shows in everything we do; from corporate brands and marketing collateral; to rich media websites with animated media content to powerfully colorful high quality video content produced with nothing but the latest equipment technology has to offer. From the start we create a unified brand vision that helps our clients reach their goals. By developing creative products, our work gets people interacting, talking, clicking, chatting and buying. We produce the perfect tools for your marketing team.
Your project is driven with thoughtful creative, technical expertise, sound strategy, detailed quality assurance reviews and a desire to create innovative ways for your marketing team and users to interface with your brand. The combination of these disciplines ensures brand identity and continuity across all touch points: traditional and digital design services.

Key Brand Architecture Questions

  • How well do existing brands support the corporate positioning and company name?
  • What conflicts exist between product brands and the corporate position, and how can those conflicts be addressed?
  • How can the company efficiently manage the markets, products and technologies within its portfolio?
  • How can individual components be managed to create a complete and compelling identity for the company?

Its Your Brand

Let’s make this simple. As a business owner you are out there on your grind and your brand which represents your mission and vision should be consistent. The way your client sees you from any perspective online, in video, or in print should resonate the very same look, feel, sound, and meaning.
This is what we do at American Technologies, we develop a series of products for you branding them together over time. American Technologies is a great partner to have for your business, you’re not only getting one skilled individual to help your vision, you’re getting an entire company to technically support your dream.
Contact Us today and let’s get started on your Brand.